3D Printing


“According to the market-research firm Freedonia Group, in a new report, “World 3D Printing: Additive Manufacturing,” worldwide demand for 3-D printers and software will grow 21% a year through 2017, at which point it will be a $5 billion global market.

The United States will be the largest market—the report projects that U.S. buyers will account for 42% of sales through 2017. Western Europe and Asia will be the sources of, respectively, 25% and 23% of sales during this period. According to the same report, a substantial amount of growth for 3-D printing is also taking place in Africa and South America. ~ The Futurist, May-June 2014, “3-D Printing Keeps Growing” <>

“The exponential acceleration of computing power applied to developments in genomics and 3-D printing has opened up the possibility of printing human body parts. Using custom-designed printers that can create both a synthetic scaffold and materials, bioengineers have printed prototype heart valves, artificial bone, joints, vascular tubes, dental implants, and skin grafts.” ~ The Futurist, May-June 2014, “Where Will the Century of Biology Lead Us?” <>

In July 2013, we had the privilege of visiting with and interviewing Mr. Glenn Roberts, a Houston attorney, in his home garage as he demonstrated for us one of the early home models of a 3D printer. Here is that interview:


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