Connected World

Calm Technologies: A New Trend for Educational Technologies
By Alexandru Tugui
World Futures Review, vol. 3, 1: pp. 64-73, first published February 1, 2011.

“The evolution of calm technologies is described by some researchers as the disappearance of computers. The disappearance is physical, in that computers become small enough to be invisibly embedded in all kinds of devices. It is also a mental dis-appearance, in that humans do not perceive the devices as computers but as embedded elements of augmented artifacts in the environment.

Calm technologies shift the focus of our attention to the periphery—either by smoothly and easily shifting from the center to the periphery and back, or by transferring more details to the periphery. An example is a video conference that, compared to a telephone conference, enables us to perceive nuances of body posture and facial expression that would otherwise be inaccessible.

“A technology is ‘calm’ when it increases peripheral perceptions with direct implications for our knowledge, increasing our abilities to act adequately in various circumstances without being overburdened with information. Thus, the use of calm technology develops a pleasant environment.

Technological connectivity …”

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