“Diginomics” is a word Wally Wood first coined in 1998 meaning “digital economics.” In 1974, Wally published his first book, Cashless Society: A World Without Money, in which he predicted the evolution of a digital economic system in the 21 century that would oversee every financial transaction. Nearly 10 years later, the Internet went public. ~ Diginomics Central website

“Few people realize that money, in the traditional sense, has met its demise. In its place is an entirely new form of money based, not on metal or paper, but on technology, mathematics, and science. This new megabyte money is creating a new and different world wherever it proceeds.”
~ Joel Kurtzman, The Death of Money (1993)

Presented here are links and features of a growing global trend toward a totally Diginomic World. For even more information, visit TheDiginomicsEra.com.

  • Banking Trends — this nearly 11 minute video on YouTube shows the growing commitment to a world where money as we know it is transformed to an all-digital economy “within the next ten years” (2020).



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