Progware 3D Printing

Picture 7EBC Broadcast is aligning with some very interesting companies on the forefront of manifesting useful and controversial technology.

“When you set out to change the world, be mindful that there are those who like the world the way it is.” – unknown

You may have heard about 3D printing when a group of entrepreneurs printed a 3D gun in Austin, Texas this year.  The powers that be, went ballistic (pun intended).

Well, Glenn Roberts, Attorney and Serial Entrepreneur of alerted our team about the power and utility of 3D printing and the oncoming technological revolution before it became news.

Now, Glenn is equipping innovative entrepreneurs with the technology to have their own printer at their desk or garage.  We are wondering if this tech will indeed change the world?  Glenn seems to think so and so does the mainstream news.

We originally covered Glenn’s story as part of  EBC Broadcast News: “Technology in the News” with Wally Wood (technology futurist and journalist).  We wanted to share the story with leading media and reached out to local media in Houston.

Fox News in Houston was the first to pick it up and run with it.

Thank you Isiah Carey for your interest in this incredible story and featuring Progware (3D printing) on Fox 26!

Hmm.  What do you want to print?

Glenn Roberts on Isiah Factor

Fox News Feature (video):

Progware feature on The Isiah Factor Blog:

EBC Broadcast Original Feature with Wally Wood of “Technology in the News” and Glenn Roberts of

Glenn On set

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