“Musion — The World Leader in Holographic Technology”

“With our holographic technology you can now bring stars back to life. The end doesn’t have to be the end, digital resurrection is just the beginning.

“Using creative sound editing, motion-capture techniques and CGI, all alongside our holographic technology, icons of the past can return … Using high-end motion capture technology and full 3D CGI we completely recreate a person from head to toe.”

“‘Holograms’ brought back Tupac. Now they want to take Washington.”


“Holographic technology is coming to the nation’s capital. The hope is to do for political campaigns, government agencies and trade groups what it’s done for the entertainment industry and elected officials overseas in recent years: Allow people to project moving, lifelike, interactive copies of themselves in different places without actually being there.
France's Jean-Luc Melenchon_[1a] France's Jean-Luc Melenchon[1b] India PM Modi Hologram
“Hologram USA, a company specializing in the technology.” Their three-dimensional holographic images “can be broadcast live across the country,” the article says. “A general or a politician or a head of corporate can project themselves physically in a life-size projection that is completely believable at a matter of a few feet,” said Alki David, who heads up Hologram USA.

“The increasing desire to micro-target voters in campaigns could also boost the appeal of holographic technology.
‘With advancements in artificial intelligence, you could soon have holograms of presidential candidates at your door, interacting with you and asking and answering questions,’ wrote David Plouffe in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed. Plouffe managed President Obama’s 2008 campaign. It could also enable the White House to communicate with more Americans by bringing the president into a ‘sixth grade classroom in Missouri, without all the costs of travel and security, for example,’ said Taylor.”

The Sleuth Journal – Aug. 4, 2014

“Coming Soon: Digital Resurrection of Presidents and Campaign Holograms”

Also known as “telepresence,” the use of holograms is on the rise. Instead of Princess Leia, the last 5 years have ushered in real-world holograms that have been used to resurrect dead musicians, to create new musical stars in Japan, and and to transport political analysts into the studio of their choice.

It wasn’t until Indian Prime Minister Shri Narenda Modi took to the virtual stage that a new reality presented itself in earnest: the holographic politician. The world’s largest election employed 3D holographic technology to reach the masses.

It was such a success that Bloomberg Businessweek is reporting that the company which created Modi’s hologram, HologramUSA, is gearing up to do the same for the 2016 U.S. elections:

Several months after Narendra Modi rode a hologram-enhanced wave to electoral success in India, the groundwork is being laid to create virtual versions of Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, and anyone else who wants to campaign for office via hologram.

As if that is not scary enough for some, each political party could resurrect dead presidents to reinforce their policy points. Lobbyist Jeffrey Taylor will be in charge of creating some possibilities:

Taylor says his first calls will be to the Republican and Democratic National Committees. He envisions 2016 conventions where holograms of Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy address the party faithful. “This is not necessarily a partisan thing,” he says. Taylor also believes that campaigns will use holograms as a substitute for retail politics, much in the way Modi did.

It would be easy to argue that politics is already a manipulated theater event – introducing virtual reality to an already questionable reality will distort events even further.

Cisco TelePresence: Live “On-Stage” Holographic Video Conferencing – India (2011)

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