Smart Cities

“What Is a Smart City?”
October 2, 2018

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“Cities have become the epicenter of technological development. They’ve hosted large-scale efforts to cure the main ailments of human life—from the temples at Ur and the terraced farms at Machu Picchu to the oncology centers in Houston, Texas to the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland.”

“The World Bank reports that in 2017, 54 percent of the world’s population was urban. That’s over four billion people! In “developed countries,” which lie at the center of our global economy, this number is much higher (North America’s average is 82 percent). At our current rate of over 1.3 million people moving to cities each week, the UN reports that the global percentage of humans living in urban areas will hit 68 percent or 6.3 Billion people by 2050.”

“The host of problems that modern urbanites face have given rise to a new mental framework for solutions; a system through which the built environment adapts to meet our needs in the most environmentally, economically, and socially conscientious way. That framework is the “Smart City.” This new class of approaches and technologies provides a much-needed lifeline for our cities and our world.”

“Smart Cities: Solving Urban Problems Using Technology”

“Smart Street Lights to Track Everything We Do All the Time – CBS Reports” (9:25)

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