Artificial Intelligence

“The realm of the born – all that is ‘nature’ – and the realm of the made – all that is humanly constructed – are becoming one. Machines are becoming biological and the biological is becoming engineered. Technicians are conjuring up contraptions that are at once both made and alive … Our future is technological; but it will not be a world of gray steel. Rather, our technological future is headed toward a neo-biological civilization.”
Kevin Kelly, founding executive editor, WIRED; from book: “Out of Control” (1994)

Elon Musk[2]
“We are rapidly headed toward digital super-intelligence that far exceeds any human. I think it’s pretty obvious.”

Elon Musk, Apr. 6, 2018,


“How Humans Are Shaping Our Own Evolution”

“Are we on the way to redefining how we evolve? Does evolution now mean not just the slow grind of natural selection spreading desirable genes, but also everything that we can do to amplify our powers and the powers of the things we make—a union of genes, culture, and technology? And if so, where is it taking us?”

ANDREW NICCOL SimOne movie“There are a lot more digital tricks being used today than audiences realize. We all know synthespians are coming. Very soon we will reach a point when we switch on a television or a computer, see an actor or newscaster, and not know if they are flesh and blood and, what’s more, not care.”

Andrew Niccole – producer/director: Simone, The Truman Show, Gattaca

[4] “Humanizing Artificial Intelligence” (1:00)
Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro – Osaka Univ.

humanoid-robots-look-like-people popular-science Theyre Coming_Feb2018

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