Smart Streets

Smart Street technology

Concrete and steel connected to the Internet by sensors. Lives surrounded and enveloped by the Internet of Things. Streets and sidewalks are no longer just cold, hard slab blocks stripped together … but interactive networks recording and reporting real-time conditions of mobility and environment.

Welcome to the Smart Streets Project

The Smart Streets Project aims to develop an open data hub for road maintenance that will facilitate new innovation across the industry leading to cost reductions and new revenue opportunities. The Highways Maintenance Hub will act as a common repository for a wide variety of highways related data ranging from asset status through to maintenance schedules and meteorological data.

Its goal is to allow industry stakeholders to share and exploit data to improve efficiency of current services and to allow the development of new services that exploit and combine data in new ways. By developing common agreed data standards and access protocols, as well as an access control and monetization framework, the industry will be able to exploit new opportunities and broaden the participation from smaller innovative technology players.

“World’s First Smart Street, London WC1”


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