“LiFi” Beats WiFi 100 Times Faster

LiFiImagine this — accessing the Internet in your home or at the office (or, for that matter, virtually anywhere) by way of the light bulbs … downloading HiDef movies in less than a minute.

That is happening now through the invention and development of “LiFi,” (Light Fidelity) which is proving to be 100 times faster than WiFi. In tests currently being conducted in Europe, this new LiFi technology is moving data “at up to 1GBps,” Yahoo Tech reports.

“Li-Fi allows for greater security on local networks as light cannot pass through walls, which also means there is less interference between devices. Perhaps the most significant advantage is the speed that the technology offers. Researchers have achieved speeds of 224 gigabits per second in lab conditions.”

The success of the pilot projects could see Li-Fi technology rolled out for consumers within the next three to four years, allowing people to access the internet using the light bulbs in their home.

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