Wallace R. Wood (Wally)

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“Technology in the News” with Wally Wood is a leading-edge program by veteran journalist and researcher Wally Wood who has predicted much of the technological advances we are experiencing today from over four decades. Follow Wally’s in-depth analysis and insights that provide an audience with an even keener sense of the future and the dynamics of new tech in a new world.
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In 2003, Wally founded the National Space & Technology Association (NSTA) in Houston. In 2009, NSTA hosted it’s Second Annual State-of-the-City Technology Report, featuring the four prime candidates running for Mayor of the city. Two television promotions were produced for NSTA at that time. View them HERE.

Wally is available to speak before professional organizations, conferences and conventions on the subject: “Our Diginomic Society in a Transparent World.” Contact Andy Valadez in Houston for more information.

(See Historical Background…)

EBC Broadcast NewTechnology in the News TV is hosted by
The Entrepreneur Broadcasting Company of Houston


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